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Department of Arts and Sciences


In the Department of Arts and Sciences there are three unique courses, the Cultural Resources Course, the English Culture Course and the Japanese Culture Course.  In each course we help you achieve your dreams such as participating in the development of towns and local tourism, learning English and travelling abroad, or doing work that is related to books and your love of reading. 

The foundation courses in the Department of Arts and Sciences are also substantial.  We have courses for learning about the world and Japan, courses for studying languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, and computer courses for acquiring the knowledge and skills which are useful in society.

We also have the courses, Tutorial and Graduation Project in this department.  Both are small seminar-type course of about 10 students.  In the first year Tutorial course students learn how to study at a university and in the second year Graduation Project course, they spend one year to complete a graduation thesis and finalize their studies at this junior college.  Acquiring these subjects along with focus and determination will help you to unlock the doors to your dreams. 


Department Characteristics

Here we explain the unique characteristics of the Department of Arts and Sciences.

Cultural Resources Course

In the Cultural Resources Course we focus on the cultural resources that exist in local regions and uncover the charm of this area.

English Language and Culture Course

In the English Language and Culture Course we learn about British and American language and culture and explore the relationships between language and culture, words and communication. 

Japanese Language and Culture Course

We study Japanese language and culture, developing communicative ability and insight regarding humanity.  We also, offer support for librarian certification.