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Department Summary

What You'll Study in the Department of Health and Nutrition:

In the Health and Nutrition Department, students acquire the technical knowledge and skills related to nutrition, diet and health, cultivating an enriched heart and mind through “food”, as well as sympathy for others.  We are training community-based nutritionists who are able to contribute to cultivating healthy people.  The fundamental elements for a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle are eating habits.  The job of nutritionists is to support the health and good eating habits of others according to nutritional science.

How do diet and nutrition affect one’s health?  From diverse fields such as, physiology and nutritional diagnosis, foods and food preparation, community environment and local food cultures, we study nutrition, health, and diet and analyze how they interact and relate to each other.  We also learn how to convey this information, effective communicative skills and how to educate others about nutrition.  We cultivate our students’ ability as nutritionists, to deliver the appropriate nutritional management in each stage of life in fields such as sanitation, medical care and social welfare.  We cultivate this ability through substantial lectures, experiments and training that teach everything from basic concepts to specialized studies, as well as lectures and interaction with registered dieticians practicing in the real world.


When our students are asked why they chose this university, many of them reply, “Because I want to become a nutritionist who can serve my community.  First, I want to become a nutritionist, and then study more to quality as a registered dietician for my community.”  Many of our students enter this university with the dream of becoming a nutritionist who can serve their community’s needs.

This university’s Department of Health and Nutrition has a curriculum in which entering students can acquire the skills and knowledge required of a nutritionist.  It is a curriculum which teaches students to think flexibly and make appropriate decisions in a variety of situations.  In this limited time of only 2 years, you can become a skilled nutritionist who can contribute to the community if you make a diligent effort.  We also have a study support program for our graduates to help them pass the national examination to be a registered dietician.  Many of our graduates have used the spare time between their busy work schedules to continue studying and qualify as registered dieticians, playing an active role in serving their communities. 


Nutritionist License