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Department Characteristics

We love children.  We love people.  We love to learn.

In the Department of Nursery Education, we are training excellent professional educators with abundant humanity who are able to respond to the diverse needs of our regional communities in nursery care and early childhood education today.  This ability to respond is developed through acquisition of fundamental knowledge, theory and skills in infant rearing, early childhood education and child welfare.

Expertise You Can Count On


Through our courses students learn the fundamental knowledge, theory and technique for childcare, education and welfare.  You might be surprised at the breadth and depth of this program.  Also, we do practical training at various places with unique characteristics such as nursery schools, kindergartens, child welfare facilities, and nursing homes for the elderly.  Although they are different settings, you’ll likely find commonalities between occupations that deal with people.  In the course, Graduation Project, students thoroughly investigate a research theme for one year.  The research is varied, from literature reviews and surveys to practical studies.

Abundant Humanity

第32回ほいくまつり“The Nursery Education Festival” was selected as a “Support Program for Distinctive University Education” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2005.  The whole department participates in this complete presentation event which is highly valued by the community.  Plays, shadow puppet show, songs and other theatrical arts for children are presented to the general public.  All of the first and second year students work together developing deep connections and friendships with faculty, senior students, and classmates.  This event is an important chance for students to develop the abundant humanity mentioned earlier as well as to cultivate their hearts and minds by working daily with each other towards a common purpose.

And Then, Your Aptitude

By graduation, we aim to have our students acquire two teaching licenses, one for nursery school teachers and another for kindergarten teachers.  Furthermore, depending on whether the necessary credits were taken, students can get certificates such as Juvenile Welfare Advisor, 2nd Grade.  Our whole teaching staff is here to support the realization of each student’s dreams.  Also, our many graduates working in the real world are building our reputation with their accomplishments and diligent efforts.  They are supporting our graduates’ employability, as you can tell from our exceptional employment rate.