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Department of Nursery Education


In the Department of Nursery Education, our goal is to train those who aspire to be future childcare workers and licensed kindergarten teachers to be “Remarkable people who are balanced in their increasingly sophisticated expertise and their abundant humanity.”

In addition to professional studies within the department, our students undergo training in various settings with unique characteristics; such as nursery schools, kindergartens, public and private child welfare facilities, and clubs for children.  In this practical training, students can gain experience in various locations related to childcare.  They are able to put into practice what they’ve learned in courses, deepen their understanding of the subject matter and learn important skills like mental preparedness, through interaction with the people at these locations.

It is a small-scale department with an enrollment capacity of 50 students but our students are overflowing with smiles and great power, boldly moving forward with their eyes on the future, leading their student lives with purpose.

Department Characteristics

An introduction to the characteristics of the Department of Nursery Education