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Summer Program

Summer Program CWU

The Summer Program at Central Washington University, USA, is a fun-filled three- week program where students develop their English skills and have many unforgettable experiences. Through the various program activities and interaction with local people, students learn communication skills and move closer to their future dreams.

The following comments and photograph were provided by students who participated in the Summer Program. Most of the following events and activities are offered annually. 

Sightseeing in Ellensburg 

The day after arriving in the US, we took a tour of Ellensburg in the afternoon.  We heard that Ellensburg was a rural area so we imagined what it would be like, but it was nothing like rural areas in Japan.  There were a lot of cute shops downtown and the people treated us kindly, so we soon got to like Ellensburg.



Visit to Anderson Hay Company 

We visited Anderson Hay, a company that supplies hay and fodder for race horses, beef and dairy cattle.  We split into two groups and took turns touring the facilities and listening to a lecture.
The employees kindly spoke to us in a way that was easy to understand, and this was a valuable experience for everyone.



Yakima River Rafting

At the Yakima river, after using oars to warm-up with some games, we made groups and rafted the river.  On the way, a friendly water fight broke out with water guns.
It got really heated and some of us jumped in the river to cool off.
We were comforted by the refreshingly dry climate in the US along with natural places the likes of which can’t be found in Japan.



Watching a Mariners Game

We were all looking forward to watching the Mariners baseball game.

The team had been losing, but perhaps on account of our cheers, that day went down as a win for the Mariners.
We got along with the local fans and enjoyed watching the game in its country of origin.


Visiting a Wind Power Plant and BBQ by the Columbia River

We also had the chance to tour wind power generation facilities in the US.  We put on helmets and goggles and got to see the inside of an actual windmill.  The inside construction was reminiscent of the inside of a rocket you might find at an amusement park. 

After that we headed to the Columbia River.  The Columbia river’s current is so slow that it seemed more like the ocean.  There were also fossils there.  There was a section where we could swim and some people swam while others played on the sandy shore.  The professors chaperoning us also had a lot of fun.  After returning to the university campus, we all sat together and ate barbecue.



Visit to "German Town" and Horseback riding

We went to a German-style town.  Here everything from the gas stations to McDonalds was built in German-style.  Also, there were stores only for chocolate and sweets called taffy which are similar to caramels.  The whole town was decorated with flowers; it was lovely.  After that we all tried horseback riding.  Rocking along on the slowly walking horses, it felt great to climb the mountain.  We also had a lot of fun playing croquet while we waited.


Farewell Party

On the final evening at CWU and Ellensburg there was a farewell party.
We received certificates of completion, thanked the teachers and English conversation leaders who supported us during the trip, gave a speech, sang “Country Road” together and students from the Japanese dance club performed a traditional dance.  We didn’t want to say goodbye and suddenly some of us began to cry.  We made many wonderful memories at CWU.  We are grateful for so many fantastic experiences!  



Touring Seattle

On our last day in Seattle, we had free time to go where we wanted, and we all had a great time.
Also, by talking with local people we could see how much our English had improved.
The people in Seattle were so kind that we could feel relaxed there.  What a trip!