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Australian Exchange Event

We had an exchange event to learn more about Australia from an Australian.

On April 28, 2014 we invited Damion, a Shimane Prefectural International Coordinator, to tell us about his country, Australia.

First he introduced himself and used a powerpoint presentation to teach us more about his country. 



He told us a lot about his country’s rich history, culture and wildlife.



After his lecture, we had time to talk casually and get to know each other.  We asked Damion some questions about Australia and his life in Japan. 

He gave us each a little koala as a souvenir.  How kind! 



We really enjoyed our time together. Thank you Damion!



Participant's Comments

  • It was fun to learn about Australia directly from an Australian.
  • I was very surprised to learn that Australians eat kangaroo
  • Australian money is so colorful.