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International Exchange


It’s wonderful to encounter new things. Now is the time to do it.

An agreement with Central Washington State University (CWU) in the United States was formed in June of 1990 to encourage exchange between our students.
CWU is located about 160 km East of Seattle in the town of Ellensburg. It is a comprehensive university with roughly 8,000 undergraduate students and 800 graduate students.


Every year many students from each department join this trip during the summer vacation and spend two weeks at CWU where they attend English classes and take sightseeing trips.

◎The CWU Summer Program is a language study and exchange program that lasts about three weeks and is held in August each year.

 Global Business Study Tour

GBSTThe Global Business Study Course is a week-long program offered in March for first year students to visit corporations and universities overseas. We offer students two courses; one to India and one to South Korea. By visiting corporations that are expanding globally and interacting with local university students we offer students the opportunity to acquire an international perspective and cultivate the spirit of international cooperation. In addition, we aim to develop capable, global citizens who can contribute in various fields to a society that will continue to internationalize.

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    (Started in 2011 at Hamada Campus – Started in 2012 at Matsue Campus)

International Youth Exchange

naikakuhuThe International Youth Exchange, sponsored by the Cabinet Office, is an exchange event between Japanese youth and youths from other countries. It is a project with the goal of cultivating youth who can respond to the demands of the next era.

Since 2013 Matsue Campus has been helping project participants prepare for the event, providing scholarship money and other support for our students.
In 2013, the first year of the program, one student from Matsue Campus was selected to attend the event. Don’t miss the chance to be a representative of Japan learning, interacting and growing along with other selected students from various countries!

(reference) Cabinet Office International Exchange website

Study abroad

The opportunity to study abroad at CWU is open to our graduates. So far, 40 of our graduates have done just that.

○Scholarship Student System○
Each year, one student is selected to study abroad at CWU as a scholarship student receiving a one-year tuition waiver.

○ Tuition Reduction System○
University of Shimane Junior College graduates who meet the requirements may utilize the tuition reduction system after their admission to CWU.

Cultural Exchange Meeting

Matsue Campus students in the Department of Arts and Sciences had a day of exchange with students from Southern Utah University on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2013!

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An exchange event was held with the South Korea Busan Study Trip to Japan Group on Monday, January 14th 2008.

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