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Guide to Campus Facilities


With over 60 years of tradition, the stylish brick-colored buildings of Matsue campus stand in a row.  There is a sports park and ancient historic ruins nearby, and in the distance you can see Lake Shinji.  Within these apparently quiet surroundings, our students’ journeys to adulthood are unfolding. 

Main Lecture Hall


This is an arch-shaped lecture hall that can accommodate 250 people.  With its huge screen and audio-visual equipment, the hall is used for various functions such as course lectures, extension lectures and academic conferences.

Sports Arena


This multipurpose facility has a lecture room that accommodates 130 people, study rooms with computers, a student lounge, fully furnished locker rooms with showers, a training room, and a full-size sports arena. 

Music Room




In the library you can freely enjoy our collection of approximately 12,000 books, DVDs and other audio-visual media.  We also have a browsing corner where you relax while reading magazines.

Etiquette Room


Student Cafeteria (Carry-On)


Our student cafeteria is named, “Carry-On”.  It has many reasonable and delicious menu items, including daily lunch sets, Japanese, Chinese and Western-style selections. 

Female Student Dormitory (Red Plum Dormitory)


The Red Plum Dormitory is a chic brick building located in the sunniest place on campus, and it has been the place where many important friendships began.  Surrounded by greenery and with convenient access to various urban facilities, this dormitory promises student residents a fantastic campus lifestyle.